Strategic Technology Handbook: Overcome the “Digital Confidence Crisis” with Managed Services

  • October 25, 2018
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The tech market intelligence firm IDC predicts that, by the end of this year, 70% of Global 500 organizations will build dedicated teams focused on digital transformation and innovation. Why? Per the global IT association CompTIA’s research report “Building Digital Organizations” the answer is: “Companies are starting to recognize that

5 Prime-Time Paybacks from Outsourcing Your IT Support

outsourcing it
  • June 6, 2017
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IT outsourcing is when your company subcontracts with an IT Managed Services Provider (IT MSP) to support some or all of your information technology needs. Such assistance can range from remotely monitoring and managing networks and servers, to providing IT strategy and help with equipment procurement, as well as cybersecurity,

3 Mobility Growth Areas Every SMB Should Follow and Explore

Laptop, phone and reports
  • May 31, 2017
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In a recent provocative LinkedIn post, columnist Chelsea Larson-Andrews wrote: “Every company, in some way or another, is becoming a mobile company, and we can no longer make the distinction between the wireless industry and everything else.” “As our ‘things’ are increasingly connected to the internet,” she advised “Forward-thinking teams

Why Education is Your Best Cybersecurity Defense

  • May 11, 2017
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In a recent cybersecurity study, the Pew Research Center developed a brief survey designed to test user familiarity with secure cyber practices and related issues, such as strong passwords, phishing and two-factor authentication. Researchers conducted the poll online, submitting 13 questions to a random sample of adult internet users living

3 Things That Make Millennial Workers Tick

millennial workers
  • May 3, 2017
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It’s not hyperbole to say that millennials–and the ways companies have changed to accommodate them–have fundamentally transformed the modern workplace. Look no further than the overhauling of corporate BYOD (bring your own device) policies for proof. Such changes are inevitable and (arguably) necessary because this young, talented, tech-savvy cohort is

Is Your Mobile Workforce “Meeting Fatigued?” Try These 3 Ways to Re-Engage Them.

a lot of meetings
  • April 13, 2017
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Last year, the market intelligence firm International Data Corporation (IDC) predicted nearly three quarters of the total U.S. employees will be mobile workers by 2020. At the same time, Wainhouse Research, a firm focused on the Unified Communications (UC) market, found more than half (54%) of small to mid-size business

3 Emerging Technologies That Will Change the Game for SMBs in the Years to Come

  • February 16, 2017
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Every year, IT research and advisory company Gartner predicts the trends that will shape business technology right now and for decades to come. In its report, “Top Strategic Predictions for 2017 and Beyond” Gartner forecasts continuing “digital disruption” as new technologies seep into every level of the economy. After reviewing

3 Tech Priorities for “Big-Time” CIOs to Guide Your 2017 IT Agenda

  • January 31, 2017
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Each year the Society for Information Management (SIM) polls corporate IT leaders on a variety of issues. Here are the top three tech priorities from their latest survey: Business Alignment – For the fourth consecutive year, most “big-time CIOs” (nearly 42%) listed aligning IT support with business operations as their

Getting Started With Chatbots: 3 Things SMBs Should Know

chat bots
  • January 17, 2017
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Oh what a difference a year makes. Last Fall, we brought you a Unified Communications article touting the business benefits of Live Chat. Today, conversing with customers is again the subject. But this time it’s software, not live reps, doing all the talking. Chatbots Defined describes chatbots as “a

3 “Strategic Technologies” Coming to SMBs Soon

  • December 7, 2016
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Each year the research company Gartner makes predictions about the shape and substance of business technology in the coming year. In its “Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017” report, the advisory firm focused on aspects of what analyst David Cearley calls the “Intelligent Digital Mesh,” an environment where the
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