Stay Scrappy: How Supplemental IT Services Make Your Business More Competitive

supplemental IT support
  • June 8, 2017
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The game of business is a competition between rivals. One finishes first, while the others trail behind. If you’re “in it to win it,” as the saying goes, you know that commercial success largely depends on the reliability and performance of your IT infrastructure–the hardware and software that drive the engines of sales, service, marketing and customer support.

If you employ an in-house IT staff, chances are you stay ahead of the technology curve–at least most of the time. But what about those occasions when you can’t? Will you fight to keep your edge or relinquish it to an opponent.

Everyone Hits the Wall

Try as they may, no company, small or large, can prepare for every possible contingency, market shift, emerging regulation or cyber threat. Even conscientious firms, staffed with well-trained pros, occasionally need help in the IT department.

Unfortunately, when things get busy, even these paragons of preparedness will ignore talent and technology deficits. When they do, threats multiply, risk proliferates, and the list of backburner projects, upgrades and initiatives grows ever longer, with no real strategy or plan for resolution in sight.

Enter the IT MSP

Companies that are more self-aware of (or a least more candid about) their circumstances, often turn to Managed Services Providers (MSPs) to request supplemental IT services. As needed, an IT MSP can fill skill or manpower gaps and offer support in a wide range of areas, including–and especially–the ones you may not be staffed for, such as digital transformation, the IoT, cloud services, BYOD and, increasingly, cybersecurity.

Outside Experts, Insider’s Pedigree
Businesses rely on MSPs because they couple a tech insider’s perspective and experience with a deep and diverse pool of technical talent, capable of addressing virtually any technological need. Even less complex tasks, such as installs, upgrades, modifications and vetting software patches, can be completed faster and more efficiently through outsourcing. However, as with most strategic partnerships, the secret to success with MSPs depends on the company you choose.

Do Your Homework
If you do decide to seek outside help, make sure the MSP offers a full complement of services, like the ones below. A less robust offering could leave needs unmet and gaps unfilled:

  • Managed IT Services: Network and Server Monitoring; IT Strategy and Consultation; Asset Management
  • Consulting & Projects: IT Relocation Services; Business Technology Consulting; Deployment Services and Consulting; Hardware & Software Procurement; Desktop & Server Virtualization; Network Design; Network Assessment; and Apple Business Consulting Services
  • IT Solutions: Cloud Services; Mobile Device Management; Business Continuity; Network Security; Data Backup; Unified Communications; and VoIP

Remember, you can’t win if you can’t compete. Having an MSP is like having additional experts in your corner, at less cost and with more flexibility to scale up or down with business demands–all while supplying the latest in network security and data protection. See there, you’re feeling scrappier already.

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