How Communication Technology Can Make or Break Your Business

communications infrastructure
  • April 5, 2017
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Every company uses technology to conduct business. Nearly all have systems for connecting people and sharing information. Familiar internal systems include: networks, intranets, workspace collaboration, and all manner of mobile devices, including tablets, laptops and cell phones. Common elements of external communications include: email, the company website, online chat, voice over Internet protocol (VOIP), and video conferencing.

At its best, your communication infrastructure is a secure and finely tuned machine, an essential asset that greases the wheels of commerce and replenishes the company coffers. At their worst, communication systems are a financial and competitive liability, fraught with outdated, inferior or under-performing technologies actually impede your ability to grow and compete.

Successful businesses understand the value of communications technology and the strategic role it plays in facilitating companywide efficiency, productivity and workflow, including in such vital areas as:

Many businesses that live by the quality and performance of their communication infrastructure also rely on IT Managed Services Providers (IT MSPs) for expert guidance and support. Drawing a broad and diverse technical skillset, an experienced IT MSP can help companies:

  • Analyze current communication systems to identify performance and security gaps
  • Recommend specific solutions to fill these gaps and align with stated business goals
  • Integrate new and existing systems to maximize cost savings and system-wide performance
  • Monitor, maintain and secure the entire communications infrastructure, including social media and unified communications platforms
  • Provide training and other technical assistance to internal IT staff

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