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3 Tips for Managing Technology for 3 Generations in the Workplace

If you’re not managing information technology for a multi-generational workforce, you will be in three to five years.

“Millennials” – loosely defined as anyone born after 1981 – already make up about a quarter of the country’s adult population and will, researchers predict, constitute half the nation’s workforce by the end of this decade. Often called “digital natives,” most millennials grew up in a society infused with technology. In fact, many pundits credit them as a driving force behind digital transformation, the “reinvention of an organization through the use of digital technology” to improve business performance, such as profitability, productivity or service.

But how about some props for the other major generations in the workplace?

Baby Boomers, the burst of Americans born during the 20 years following World War II, were the pioneers of business computing, guiding enterprises from mainframes to desktops. And give a nod to Generation X, people coming of age in the ‘80s and ‘90s, who ushered in mobile computing and the internet age. If millennials rarely are seen without a smart device in hand, Boomers and Xers should be acknowledged as the folks who put those gadgets there.

So, while today’s business leaders surely must reckon with the technology preferences of millennials on the rise, they can’t afford to neglect the needs of the Xers and Boomers either.

How can leaders – no matter when they were born – strike a successful balance when managing IT across three distinct generations? We reviewed several articles on this topic and gleaned some wisdom: